The Site Acquisition & Development Division of Fortune Wireless, Inc. offers a full range of network real estate development services to the telecommunication and wireless industries.  This division provided highly experienced personnel and delivers the highest and most consistent levels of services, systems and support, to achieve your goal and objectives locally, regionally and nationally.


In the Site Acquisition & Development Division, our strongest asset is our experience.  With a senior management team that has been launching and augmenting wireless networks through the use of proven network real estate development procedures for over a decade, we can bring your system needs in on time and within budget.


The use of experienced employee-based project management teams combined with a proven ability to find the best in local knowledge and talent allows us to deploy locally, regionally or nationally to take care of your network real estate development needs.


Over the years we have represented national and regional carriers, tower consolidation companies and major program management firms.  Our focus has always been on making the team succeed, whether we have had the point or been a supporting member has never dictated our dedication to the end goal.

Special Projects

•  Cell Site Overlays / Upgrades

•  Collocation Facilitation

•  Lease Capitalization

•  Cell Site Tower Audits

•  Tower Marketing & Management

•  Compound Expansions

Site Acquisition

•  Preliminary Site Identification

•  Site Location & Identification

•  Lease Negotiations

•  Zoning & Permitting

Program Management

•  Project Scheduling, Tracking & Management

•  Due Diligence Coordination, Review &


•  Construction Management